The fourth step in the process is a dialogue session between the Board of Directors (management) and its Kids Council. This is a unique session, during which the children’s insights and dilemmas and sub-questions of the members of the Board of Directors are discussed. The participating adults listen and ask thoughtful questions, while the children tell their story and answer the additional questions asked by the adults. It is the facilitator’s role to get the most out of the children’s creative intellect and translate it on the spot into the adults’ perspectives in order to encourage strategical sub-questions.

Facilitators are trained by the Kids Council team. We are proud of the collaboration with organizations and individuals, who usually devote themselves selflessly to the Kids Council.

  • Frénk van der Linden
  • Diana Matroos
  • Ruben Nicolai
  • Sofie van den Enk
  • Claudia de Breij
  • Tanja Jadnanansing
  • Stientje van Veldhoven
  • Deva-Dee Siliee
  • Rosabelle Illes
  • Jeroen Smit
  • Hella Hueck
  • Curvin George
  • Daphne Lammers
  • Laurentien van Oranje
Children teach me that everything you think, feel and express has to be in harmony. This requires complete focus and a balance between being in control and letting go. The facilitator is like a translator: he or she has to make the content, terminology and gains of decision-makers understandable to children (and the other way around). That’s truly something magical
Laurentien van Oranje
You have to experience it to know what impact it has on you. A unique experience that has taught me a lot.
Rik van Terwisga, ex-CEO at Vitens