The strategic issues discussed by the Kids Council and organization are current dilemmas at the Board of Director level. The Kids Council team works closely with the organization to reach an exact formulation of the dilemma, entailing a careful balance between a formulation strategical enough to result in refreshing links and perspectives and sufficiently well-defined to reach concrete solutions. The dilemmas are relevant for the organization and not related to children’s issues.

These are some of the dilemmas that have been presented by organizations so far:

Sector Dilemmas
Banking How can banks help people feel safe about their money?
Interior How can [name of organization] contribute to a healthy work and learning environment?
Travel and tourism How can [name of organization] and holidaymakers make holidays even more fun?
How can guests learn from [name of organization] how to reduce waste?
Retail How can [name of organization] help people make more sustainable choices?
Stationery How can [name of organization] help you learn?
Sports What role can [name of organization] play to promote a healthier lifestyle?
Steel How can [name of organization] become an organization with the most positive impact in the Netherlands?
Supermarkets How can [name of organization] help reduce food waste?
Transportation How can [name of organization] play a positive role in the future of mobility?
How can [name of organization] make a sustainable improvement in connecting people?
How can [name of organization] maintain its market-leading position and make a positive contribution to its environment?
What can [name of organization] do to help make the world more sustainable?
Insurance What do people need to live a fulfilling life?
Nutrition How can [name of organization] see to it that people in the Netherlands get the right nutrition in a way that benefits both people and the environment?
Insurance How can [name of organization] contribute to a healthy living environment?