By connecting people, generations, supervisors and groups, the Kids Council enables change and innovation, both of which are not only welcome, but also necessary in our rapidly changing world. That is why the Kids Council offers benefits for everyone involved.

What do Kids Council participants think about the programme?

I have noticed that some children who didn’t like each other at first started working together and became friends in the end. Sometimes, you don’t really like someone in your group and he or she wants one thing while you want something else. In that case, you have to learn to accept each other’s ideas.
Jetze, 11 years old

Thanks to the Kids Council, some important issues have been put back on the agenda – priority issues we had lost track of.

Bart Schmeink, CEO at Connexxion
We imagine what things are like; we haven’t seen the world outside yet, so we don’t know when something is impossible. We think beyond those limits and who knows, maybe we really can achieve our goal.
Raihan, 12 years old

For us, the Kids Council emphasized openness and a different way of thinking. We now focus more on the direction in which the organization is heading.

Jan Kleijn, CEO at Mammoet
By having learned to work together with their classmates, the children learned that everyone has his or her own unique qualities.
Ilona Holsnijders, teacher at elementary school Nutsschool Zorgvliet in The Hague

The Kids Council made us realize that we seriously have to think about the future.

ANWB (The Royal Dutch Touring Club)
The children’s insights are the gain of this project. They really look at things differently than adults and teach us that we should start small and just give things a try.
Linda Kemink, internist at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital
I think it’s a great addition to the regular school work; for us it works out well, since our school works on inquisitive-based and design-based learning.
Ruud Smitshuyzen, Paschalisschool in The Hague
Seeing that the opinions of children matter to adults is highly valuable.
Viola Visser, teacher at International Primary School Hilversum

The Kids Council is about children allowing the sky to be the limit. They say, ‘We have big ideas, we can change something even though we’re young and we have something to say

Raihan, 12 years old

Thanks to the Kids Council, we now know that we have to change our mind-set to create a healthier environment. It is up to us to turn that into concrete projects and actions.

Peter Langenbach, Chairman Board of Directors at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital