Why do organizations participate?

The Kids Council offers refreshing views on the organization’s strategical issues from an outsider’s perspective. The children’s unpredictable insights challenge thinking patterns and silo mentality, encourage innovation and stimulate unexpected collaborations between departments. Participating organizations realize that policy and decisions have to be made more future-proof by listening to and entering into dialogue with young stakeholders. They do not function as a focus group, where existing ideas or concepts are tested, but as equal partners, each with a unique view of the world. The partnership is unique, inspiring and innovative and often an eye-opener for decision-makers in organizations, who learn that there are more ways than one to deal with an issue.

Most organizations are companies, but the number of public authorities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that participate is on the increase.

How can organizations participate?

Every organization that seriously wants to engage in the future is the perfect candidate to install a Kids Council. Generally speaking, we work with any organization, except for those active in the weapon, sex, hunting or gambling industry. Organizations are supported by the Kids Council team during the establishment as well as practical aspects of the project. Firstly, the organization commits itself to the project for a period of three years. During these three years, the organization learns what it takes to listen to young stakeholders in order to give them a constructive voice in the organization. In fact, it should become the standard in management to install a Kids Council. This causes a shift in social standards, generating more connections between generations. The first Kids Council group was installed in the Netherlands and the goal is to also install the Kids Council in other countries.

We are always looking for new organizations. Do you want to be part of a growing group of progressive organizations with a Kids Council? Click here to fill out the contact form.

What does participation involve for organizations?

An effective collaboration requires equal partnership, involvement and commitment. Organizations that know how to get the most out of the partnership with their Kids Council have an energetic and professional project leader as their contact person, with strategical insight and access to all levels and departments within the organization. They know how to garnish support, position the collaboration on the right level and help think about (communication) opportunities.

The Missing Chapter Foundation has an ANBI status (Public Benefit Organization) and is a non-profit foundation. Financial contributions are used fully towards the supervision of Kids Council projects and to expand the movement.

Which organizations are currently participating?

There are currently over 70 organizations with a Kids Council. Click here for an overview.