In practice

A Kids Council usually consists of one class of 5th or 6th graders (age 9-12) linked to an organization.

The Kids Council explores existing strategic dilemmas at institutions and organizations and comes up with possible solutions and perspectives based on the children’s own research and interaction with the Board of Directors/Management and others they decide to interview as part of the research phase. Institutions and organizations are committed to work with the recommendations and inform their Kids Council on the progress.

Generally speaking, the collaboration period lasts at least three years. We emphasize that the Kids Council is not a focus group and cannot be categorized as sponsoring, as the dilemmas address the improvement of the organization itself. The participating organizations usually involve the following actors:

  • Board of Directors
  • Strategy
  • CSR
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • HR

The Kids Council team supports and connects organizations, teachers and children. The following six steps enable each participant to live up to his or her potential:

  1. Dilemma: the organization formulates a strategic dilemma.
  2. Presentation: the organization discusses the dilemma in class.
  3. Research: the Kids Council researches the dilemma in class and is supported by the teacher.
  4. Dialogue: the Kids Council presents its findings to the organization.
  5. Response: the organization responds to the recommendations.
  6. Progress: the organization and school look back and look ahead.